About Us

"Swami Vivekanand College of Professional Studies" is a center of educational excellence that strongly believes in the culture of excellence., focusing itself on socioeconomic challenges and endeavoring to produce leaders in the industry who can steer Indian economy and trade according to international challenges.

It includes innovative and dynamic class room teaching, presentations, workshops, case studies, assignments, lectures on latest developments, mock test, book reviews, corporate case etc. Apart from the new generation modular approach to lectures, learning is enhanced by the art of teaching aids

“The key recipe for achievement of success consists of four essential ingredients. Choose a career you love, give it the best within you, seize your opportunities, and be a member of the winning team.”
History of the Institution
Running this institution since 2001 studies with UG courses especially emphasis on professional courses later on the demand of localities for B.Ed and D.El.Ed courses applied for B.Ed in 2004 and D.El.Ed in 2006 for the support of rural areas which are connected by sehore since when facilitating pupil for the same.

Keeping in view the glorious prospect visualized by our leaders, thinkers and educationists, it is felt that the students should be provided by an assortment of amenities.

To succeed in the global market, organization will need to evaluate innovative strategies that capitalize in each and every sphere of life and the upcoming consumer demands. The principle of education is to bring grade of knowledge & awareness and to enjoy life in a well-ordered conduct. We are dedicated to do so by providing an assortment of courses, which are vibrant, self-motivated and dynamic in personality. Making a pyramid for all courses, in which a learner gets flexibility of enduring advanced education in his own pace and convenience.

Swami Vivekanand College of Professional Studies Sehore envisages a pinnacle organization contributing excellent tutoring, which integrates humanism, progress, bravery and candor. Its extensive vision is to serve as a catalyst and an agent of change to turn a comprehensive education in and around Sehore constituency towards integration, which prove itself in each and every bubble of knowledge floating around.

As man can’t be alienated from the values and so is the education. Value education has been the concern of Indian society from the prehistoric times. Value education will concretize the students and the masses against the evils and this will make the society and the nation awakened.

We welcome all those who allocate our vision, goals and purpose to assemble a new cadre of management professionals, who will partake enthusiastically in the enlargement of this epoch of economic liberalization and globalization. Come; let us bring together a flourishing new India.

With all the best wishes, I welcome you all…

Harish Rathore